Landlord Tenant Problems - Are You Managing Or Avoiding Landlord Tenant Problems?

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Are you are a landlord with one or more properties? If you are, you not only need to know how to keep landlord tenant problems from occurring in the first place but you also need to know the best way to deal with problems as they arise. You can have a longer relationship with your tenants and reduce the likelihood of landlord tenant problems arising just by keeping a few ideas in mind.

When you have measures in place for those times when unpleasant situations arise, you will know how to deal with them professionally as well as legally. Make sure you have the tenant sign a lease that is both binding and legal in the location of the property, this way you can refer back to this lease if you believe the terms or conditions have been violated.

Always Notify Your Tenant In Advance If You Need To Enter the Property

The number one cause of landlord tenant problems is that the landlord fails to let the tenant know they are entering the property. You must still give the proper period of notice if you intend to enter the property even though it is owned by you. If you don't, you may be violating either the terms of your own lease agreement or the laws in your location and this will definitely cause Landlord Tenant Problems.

You can quickly create a bad situation and a very unhappy tenant if you enter the property without notice. It is a violation of the tenant's rights and one that can cause problems now and in the future. Worst case the tenant could take you to court over it.

Once a tenant has signed the lease or rental agreement and paid their deposit or bond, the property becomes their HOME and it is best you always view it that way. A good relationship with your tenant is built on a foundation of good communication. Always contact the tenant and let them know exactly when and why you need to enter the property.

The tenant cannot unreasonably withhold permission for you to enter the property as long as you are doing so within the terms of the lease or rental agreement, but it is advisable to make sure it is convenient for them.

Making Repairs Promptly

If you have a tenant that has requested repairs and these requests are ignored or not tended to in a timely fashion, you are likely to have Landlord Tenant Problems. Firstly, as a private landlord, most landlord tenant laws require you to take care of essential maintenance or repair to maintain habitability in a reasonable period of time. Secondly it makes good sense to keep your property in good repair.

Your tenant can become irate if you fail to do so and may even threaten you with legal action, straightaway you have a landlord tenant problem that could have been easily avoided.

Let your tenant know right away if you have been unable to fix repairs, maybe you need to obtain or order parts before you can finish the repairs. Communication is vital. Keep a professional image and a business approach at all times when it comes to dealing with your tenants, you expect certain things from them, and of course,they have expectations of you as well.

The number one way to keep Landlord Tenant Problems at bay is to openly communicate with each other.

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Landlord Tenant Problems - Are You Managing Or Avoiding Landlord Tenant Problems?

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This article was published on 2010/11/04