Tenants Rights – Relevant Information for Renters and Landlords

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It is definitely everyone’s dream to have their very own property and a house they could rightfully call their own. However for those who do not have the chance and the necessary resources to buy or purchase their own homes, renting a place is an inevitable choice. There are a higher percentage of people renting houses or units especially in the urban or metropolitan areas thus it is very important to know and understand tenant’s rights and their obligations as renters as well.

What are the basics of tenant’s rights?

Two of the main legislations regulated by the government to protect the rights of tenants and renters against certain abuses and infringement of agreement between landlords and tenants are provided and comprehensively detailed in the 2004 Residential Tenancies Act and the Landlords and Tenants Acts of 1967- 1994. These two laws cater for the rights, duties and responsibilities of those who are renting for accommodation and use of home properties.

An exemption to these rules however is applied to those tenants who are under the Rent a Room scheme or those practically living with their landlords. This particular area is not covered by the tenant’s rights laws and therefore is subject to a different regulation. Thus, those who can seek the protection of tenant’s rights are solely those who are in the private renting mainstream.

What are the tenant’s rights?

Tenant’s rights basically look after the welfare and protection of renters in terms of their agreed conditions and other terms of agreement either in written or verbal form. Any abuse or infringement of such rights by the landlord or any other authorized agents or parties are all subject to legal action if found liable.

  • Tenants are entitled to a quiet, peaceful and exclusive home or dwelling place from any violence and untoward incidents in the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Tenants are entitled to standards of accommodation easily accessible within the house such as the basic parts and facilities in the home. Landlords must first and foremost make sure that their rental units are in great shape and condition before offering it for rent. Thus areas or facilities such as roofs, windows, ceilings, walls, heating system, laundry system and other necessary components for the house to function properly must be addressed well and appropriately.
  • Tenants have the right to privacy and protection from any intrusion and abuse particularly from their landlords. It is given that an inspection in the home done by the landlord should only be made with the permission of the renter. Such visits or inspections may be due to necessary repair and fixtures as well as in making sure that there are no problems or damages in the unit. Other than these valid reasons and without prior agreement and appointment with the renter, the landlord or any other persons could not force entry into the house.

There are just several rights that tenants are provided with in order to make sure their safety and security are not jeopardized with this kind of home setup.

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Tenants Rights – Relevant Information for Renters and Landlords

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This article was published on 2009/08/03